March 15, 2022

Irish Youth Music Awards

Limerick Youth Service is inviting teenage singer-songwriters and musicians to take part in the regional qualifiers of the Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs) at Lava Javas Youth Café on Friday, April 8th (5-8pm).  

The event is open to singers/rappers, bands and groups from all musical genres, with the winners representing Limerick Youth Service at the IYMAs National Finals in Dublin in mid-May.

The IYMAs are a great opportunity for young musicians and those interested in all aspects of the music industry, to gain experience of the live music scene,’ said Shelly Goggin, Limerick Youth Service.

‘As the event is solely for original content, it’s a great opportunity for acts to showcase their own lyrical and musical talent,’ said Shelly, youth worker with Lava Javas Youth Café.

‘We’d love to hear from young people who have an interest in music who would like an opportunity to perform on stage and possibly progress to an All-Ireland final!’ said Shelly.

PowPig at Lava Javas

Limerick has a great youth music scene and has enjoyed great success at previous IYMAs with Laura Duff, Elenay and PowPig, just some of the local acts who have competed on the national stage.

Those interested in taking part in the regional qualifiers are asked to contact Shelly at or at 061-412444/087-7055197.

The IYMAs is a youth music educational programme that supports, developing musicians that provides hands-on music-based education, personal development and key links to the music industries.

Located at 5 Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick, Lava Javas Youth Café is a fun, friendly and engaging space that is open to all young people.

A member of Youth Work Ireland and the Irish Association of Community Training Organisations, Limerick Youth Service remains committed to connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential.