Retail Skills

QQI Level 4 Retail Skills Course

The Retails Skills Course enables learners to acquire the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to work effectively in the retail sector with progression options to further education or training.

On course completion learners will:

  • Demonstrate a range of knowledge related retail practice
  • Have knowledge of basic concepts and legal obligations relating to retail practices including merchandising, stock control and sales
  • Demonstrate a range of techniques and procedures utilized in the retail sector
  • Have the ability to apply retail skills, techniques and procedures while operating within a supervised retail environment
  • Be competent to participate effectively and safely in a retail environment
  • Partake in a minimum of four weeks work experience
  • Have engaged with industry support services, industry leaders and availed of workplace visits

The subject areas include:

  • Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Sales Techniques
  • Work Experience
  • Teamwork
  • Computer Application
  • Information Technology Skills
  • Workplace Safety

The course is delivered in a supportive environment at LYS’ Community Training Centre, Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick where learners can take part in extra-curricular activities that will enhance their social and personal development.

Course Duration:  One Year

Qualification: QQI Level 4

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