Supporting Minorities

Limerick Youth Service works with young people from minority communities including LGBT+, migrant and Travelling Communities.

Diversity & Youth Group

Diversity & Youth (DAY) is a group of young people from different ethnic background who are living in Limerick.

The young people are from a variety of countries including coming Botswana, Bangladesh, Latvia, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria.

The aim of the group is to promote diversity and understanding of different cultures among young people.

The group meet every Saturday at Lava Javas Youth Café from 10am-12pm.

LGBT+ Youth Group

The LGBT+ Youth Group is for young people (14-18yrs) who are looking for a safe space to express themselves and meet like-minded peers.

Run in partnership with GOSSH the group meet every Friday at Lava Javas Youth Café from 5-7pm.

Traveller Youth Development

Limerick Youth Service has a number of groups that work primarily with members of the Travelling Community.

These groups meet weekly at youth spaces across Limerick City & County and work on topics such as mental wellbeing and healthy eating in addition to social and personal development programmes.