October 7, 2019

Statement on The Factory Southside Youth Space

LYS Bakery Class of 2019

It is with deep regret that due to circumstances beyond our control, Limerick Youth Service will end its management of The Factory Southside Youth Space, Galvone, Limerick as of December 31st 2019.

The Factory Southside Youth Space developed as a result of a proposal in 2009 from the Southside Regeneration Agency to set up an integrated youth space in the southside of Limerick City. It was agreed that Limerick Youth Service would manage and develop the project and Limerick Regeneration Agency would provide operational and youth programme costs to the service.

In November 2018 Limerick Youth Service was informed by Limerick City & County Council that expressions of interest were being invited for the sale of The Factory Southside Youth Space.

Since then Limerick Youth Service have actively sought to engage with Limerick City & County Council in relation to the future of The Factory Southside Youth Space and the funding and sustainability of our management and tenure of the building.

Over the last number of years, the funding provided by the Social Intervention Fund toward the management and running costs of The Factory Southside Youth Space has declined significantly and costs, such as ESB and insurance have increased year on year.

Limerick Youth Service is anxious that the relinquishment of our role within the building will not impact adversely on the projects currently based there and the over fifty youth, sport and community groups that use the facility. Limerick Youth Service have asked Limerick City & County Council to engage with us in order to smooth the appropriate transition to them or a chosen successor.

In addition to the management and maintenance of The Factory Southside Youth Space, Limerick Youth Service have a number of youth interventions based in the facility and despite the cessation of our management of the building, Limerick Youth Service will continue to support young people across the southside of the city.

Limerick Youth Service wishes to thank the young people, community, volunteers and staff for their support and commitment to The Factory Southside Youth Space in the years since it opened its doors in 2010.

A member of Youth Work Ireland, Limerick Youth Service remains committed to connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential.


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