March 7, 2023

LCA Memories with Shauna

As part of Testimonial Tuesday, Shauna McNamara shares her memories of her time with Limerick Youth Serivce, particularly the Leaving Certificate Applied course. 

By Shauna McNamara, Leaving Certificate Applied Class 2011

Shauna McNamara, LCA Class 2011

I first joined Limerick Youth Service in 2009 where I enrolled in the Catering Course at the Community Training Centre and studied in the restaurant.

‘I took a chance and it was the best choice I ever made’

During my time in the restaurant, I heard about the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) course and thought about doing it. To be honest, I was unsure if I wanted to sit in a classroom again.  I didn’t have the best experience in school and wasn’t keen on sitting in a classroom again.  However, I took a chance and it was the best choice I ever made.

The teachers and staff at the Community Training Centre were amazing and always treated me like I was part of a small family. They gave me a boost of confidence when I began to doubt myself and the encouragement, strength and support to improve and better myself.

‘I looked forward to waking up every morning to go to class’

While studying the LCA, I met some amazing friends and I looked forward to waking up every morning to go to class.  It didn’t feel like I was going to school, it felt like I was meeting with family, while also going to class with them!

During those two years (studying the LCA), I started to believe in myself and became more confident.  I studied hard and I was delighted and very proud to complete my LCA and I went on to do amazing things.

Fourteen years later, I still pop in and say hello to staff as Limerick Youth Service has and still feels like home.

The one thing in my life I will never regret is joining Limerick Youth Service-it was and still is always the best decision I have ever made.

*The Catering Skills Course and Leaving Certificate Applied are part of the further education and training opportunities with LYS Community Training Centre.
Further education and training courses were established in LYS in 1993 and 40 years later remain a key part of LYS and a viable option for young people who have left school early or are unemployed.
LYS’ Community Training Centre is supported by the Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board.
LYS is a proud member of Youth Work Ireland and the Irish Association of Community Training Organisations.
Now in its 50th year, LYS remains committed to connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential.