My Island

Welcome to ‘My Island.’ We hope you enjoy our exhibition of photographs showcasing the heart of our community, seen through the eyes of our young people and displayed with pride on the Exchange Wall, Nicholas St, in the heart of Medieval Limerick.

The Exchange Wall forms part of the boundary of one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Limerick – the 850 year old St. Mary’s Cathedral.  The location for this exhibition was carefully selected to take pride of place between Nicholas St Youth Space one side, with the stunning cathedral in the background.

The idea for the project originated with four young girls from the community.  Armed with cameras, a sense of curiosity and a pride in their home, they took to the streets and houses of ‘D’Island’ on a mission to capture its people – their families and friends – in their day to day lives. They wanted to celebrate the culture and community spirit of this place of which they are so proud.

To view the photos click HERE

As you look through the photographs you will see grandparents and great grandparents, local shop keepers, beautiful gardens, men and their dogs. You will see King’s Island through the eyes of its children – an intergenerational community who offered nothing but support and encouragement for this project from day one. The four amateur photographers captured their subjects vividly.  From the outset it was evident that their creativity was shining through and their social skills were blossoming as the days and weeks progressed.

The determination and hard work of the girls, Ellie, Meghan, Sophia and Sophie, is captured beautifully in the photograph taken of the four standing side by side at the local handball alley, full of resolve and focused on the task at hand.

This project could not have been possible without the support of the residents, the parents and neighbours of the young people.  From the beginning, the encouragement for the project was palpable.  The local residents offered reassurance and praise to the young people and were always available with a smile for the camera.

In particular, we would like to thank the men from the Men’s Shed, Nicholas St for their inspiration and work on the large framed panels that you see on display.  Their willingness to help the younger generation was generous and very much appreciated.

While the exhibition is a visual one, it is our hope that the photos show much more than the faces of our local characters.  We hope that the experiences gained by the young people in their creation, the stories shared between the generations and the sense of community evident in the project, are now radiating from the walls of our city.

We would like to thank all our stakeholders for their support in this project: Limerick City Drugs Education and Prevention Strategy (DEPS), Limerick Youth Service, St. Mary’s National School,Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board, GBM Limerick, Stephen Lappin photographer and to St. Mary’s Cathedral for permission to use the wall.