April 2, 2019

Lifelong Learning Festival at LYS

lifelong-learning-2019An intercultural workshop, youth club for adults, open days and cyber health programmes are some of the many events that will take place at Limerick Youth Service as part of this year’s Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival.

The festival of learning, which runs from Monday, April 8th to Sunday, April 14th, raises awareness of the different types of learning and promotes ‘lifelong learning.’

This year’s theme is ‘Bridging the Gap’ aims to link Limerick’s many communities such as rural and urban, young and old and promote the Limerick as a learning city.

As part of the festival LYS has a variety of events that will promote the youth work, educational and training opportunities available with LYS with the details of some below.

Building Bridges to Education with LYS

Limerick Youth Service is inviting young people, parents, employers, teachers and career guidance councillors to visit our Community Training Centre as part of Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival.

The three open days, which run from Tuesday, April 9th to Thursday, 11th, give the public an opportunity to learn of the education, training and employability opportunities available at LYS’ Community Training Centre.

On arrival visitors will be given a guided tour and have the opportunity to speak with young people and staff about their experience with LYS, while they can also enjoying some of culinary treats courtesy of our Bakery Skills team.

The Community Training Centre is located at the corner of Lr. Glentworth/Henry St and is home to a number of courses such as Retail Sales, Bakery, Catering, Early Childhood Care, Digital Art and Leaving Cert Applied.

A  Youth Information Bureau, Ability Programme, Lava Javas Youth Café and youth groups are also based there.

Youth Work- Bridging the Gap

Youth work plays a key role in the social and personal development of young people with many citing their time with a youth club, café or group as a very happy and important part of their lives.

This year’s Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival is a great opportunity for the young and not so young, to get a taste of the youth work activities and programmes.

Among the many events at LYS are:

  • Youth Club for Grown Ups! Adults are invited to relieve their youth and discover the important role that youth clubs play in a young person.  

  • Migration & Me: learn more about different cultures and the myths that often accompany migrants and asylum seekers. 

  • ARIES: Managing Mental Health & Recovery- an information session at Rathkeale Youth Space.

  • Cyber Health & Wellbeing: a Web Safety & Cyberbullying workshop for parents/guardians.

  • Bridging the Gap: learn about the mental health supports available in Limerick

There’s more than Tea at a Youth Café

Limerick’s teenagers are invited to experience the fun and games of a youth café by visiting a number of open days at several of our youth cafes as part of this year’s Lifelong Learning Festival.

The open days and times are as follows:

  • RK Youth Café, Rathkeale Youth Space on Wednesday, April 10th  (4-7pm)

  • King’s Island Youth Café, Nicholas St Youth Space, Wednesday, Apr 10th (3-6pm)

  • Footsteps Youth Café, Northside Youth Space, Ballynanty on Wednesday, April 10th (4-8pm)

  • Steps Youth Café, Northside Youth Space, Ballynanty Thursday, on April 11th  at (4-8pm)

  • Lava Javas Youth Café, Lr. Glentworth St, Limerick, Thursday to Saturday including an LGBTI+ Youth Group in partnership with GOSHH on Friday.

On a visit to our youth cafés, teenagers can play pool, Xbox, listening to music, spend time with friends or simply hang out!

For more details on the above and other events including venue, time and date please click HERE

A member of  Youth Work Ireland, LYS is committed to connecting with young people & supporting them to reach their full potential.