January 11, 2018

Teen Music Competition

Elenay, Aaron Maloney  Liam Byrd

Elenay, Aaron Maloney Liam Byrd

Teenagers across Limerick are invited to take part in the local qualifiers of the Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs) at Limerick Youth Service’s Lava Javas Youth Café, Lwr Glentworth St, Limerick City on Friday, February 9th (4:30–8pm).

The contest is open to singers, rappers, bands and groups (13-18 years) from all musical genres, with the winners representing Limerick at the National Finals at Croke Park, Dublin on Saturday, April 21st.

The IYMAs are a great opportunity for young singers, musicians and those interested in all aspects of the music industry, from on stage to behind the scenes, to gain experience of the live music scene.

‘We’re keen to hear from acts who are interested in taking part in the regional qualifier,’ said John Real, Limerick Youth Service.

‘The IYMAs is more of a group work and development project rather than a ‘simply the best’ competition – so all levels are welcome,’ said John, youth worker at Lava Javas.

Limerick has a great youth music scene and has enjoyed great success at previous IYMAs with local group Elenay, successful at last year’s awards.

‘The local qualifier is the perfect platform to showcase the young musical talent that the city and county has,’ said John adding ‘the winning Limerick act taking part in the national finals.’

Interested parties are asked to contact John at or call 061-412444.

Elenay on stage at the 2017 local qualifiers

Elenay on stage at the 2017 local qualifiers

Lava Javas is a dedicated Youth Café and home to an active live youth music scene with many well-known acts such as Animal Beats, starting their careers there.

Lava Javas is one of Limerick Youth Service’s four Youth Cafes with the others located in The Factory Southside Youth Space, the Northside Youth Space and Rathkeale Youth Space.

A member of Youth Work Ireland, Limerick Youth Service remains committed to supporting and encouraging young people to be active participants in shaping their futures.