May 1, 2020

DIY Make-Up & More in King’s Island

Make-up challenges, creative hairstyles, exploring your house and getting to know each other, are among the many activities and programmes run by the team at Limerick Youth Service’s Nicholas St Youth Space recently.

The team at Nicholas St Youth Space have been engaging with young people across the King’s Island, Lee Estate and neighbouring communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘We’re checking in with young people and their families via phone and, where possible, using online sites such as Zoom and some social media sites,’ said Michelle Manning, LYS.

Would you trust them with your hair!

The crazy hair and make-up challenge has proved very popular with Michelle explaining ‘it was a great way to get young people comfortable with the Zoom platform.’

‘As it was our first time using Zoom it was a light-hearted way for all of us to get used to the platform and have a laugh,’ said Michelle, youth justice worker.

While taking part in the games and challenges the team are also giving the young people a space to share their experiences of Covid-19 and the current situation.

Anxiety, boredom, frustration, loneliness and worry are some of the many feelings that young people are experiencing while they are also missing friends.

‘Some of them are very disappointed at missing the confirmation and siblings communions but they are trying to remain positive and supportive of each other,’ said Michelle who thanked the young people for taking part in the workshops.

Quiz time on Zoom with the Nicholas St team

Nicholas St Youth Space is located at 41-42 Nicholas St (opp St. Mary’s Cathedral) and is home to a number of youth initiatives including King’s Island Youth Work Project and the King’s Island hub of LYS’ Garda Youth Diversion Project a

A member of Youth Work Ireland, LYS is remains committed to connecting with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential.